Daily News, Thursday, Jan 15

A manifesto on how to be an awesome runner from someone who knows. (fixed)

Sage’s 20 minute LT run. The key is the warm up and cool down, otherwise I fear getting hurt.

Ten things I want my daughter to know about working out.  Good stuff, thanks Cory!

Hong Kong 100k is one of the biggest races in Asia, and it’s this weekend. Here’s a preview of the entrants.

I bought a new pair of running shorts yesterday that have so far been referred to as “groovy”, “awesome” and my favorite: “sweat sponges.”

Dakota Jones on running in the winter and not skiing.

My HS XC coach (from Southern CA) is now coaching in Washington and won girls coach of the year! Sweet! (Gene coaching in 1980 and is still going strong!)

…and a lovely eulogy to my favorite blogger’s coach. Read it.

They did it! Caldwell and Jorgensen top out on El Capitan.  NatGeo’s take on it here, and a beginner’s guide to what it’s all about.

Fun article about different aid station offerings. What’s the strangest/best you’ve been offered?

Interesting: Why does our stride change so much from when we were children?

How to be a better downhill runner.  I still go back to the advice Jason Bryant gave me in this interview.

Seems that “puffy jackets” are pretty popular right now. Here’s how you’re supposed to wash them.

More cushion than the Clifton, leaner than the Bondi.  Hoka is teasing the new Valor.


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