Daily News, Thus, May 22

Very interesting: Should GPS files count towards FKTs?

The Angry Jogger has 3 days left before his first 100k and well, he’s freaking out a bit.

This sounds pretty interesting. Video from Asics’ Outrun the Sun trail running competition. Who are the runners they’re using? Did I see Jenn Shelton in there around 1:13? Who else?

List-o-rama: The world’s 20 most dangerous hikes.

Anton on speed.

Have you tried the green matcha tea from TheRunnersTea? They’re URP’s sponsor for this month and make a great tasting tea (from a non-tea aficionado like me.)

Denise Bourassa is going for the Grand Slam this year.  Here’s some TBT for ya: The drama from last year.

Now see, this “best of OCR” list doesn’t excite me. It looks like a bunch of people standing around waiting for something or lying in slop.

Fantastic piece by Joe Uhan on road ultras. Absolutely.

Ha ha Video: The truth about running. This is for roadies and produced by BYU…I’d hate to see what a video about MUT runners would look like.

And somewhat related…running relationships from a female perspective.

But there I was; unable to move; lying in the sage brush waiting for my mojo to return… stuck with my nausea, cramps, several dozen ants and very little shade. My get-up-n-go was long gone and far far away.

Great race report that shows not all races go as planned.

Some killer pics from the Grand Canyon 100 by Cory.

Get to know: Josh Brimhall.

I think I know what I’d be doing if we had a “mountain day” holiday!

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