Daily News, Tue, Apr 15

Interesting: How I cheated my local 50k.

…and here are some suspicious times from the London Marathon.

Ryan Ghelfi’s Lake Sonoma race report.

It looks like Animal Athletics and TheNorthFace are talking.  That’s a great first step.

Looks like Lance’s PR people have infiltrated Outside Magazine. Next up? Saturday Night Live?

Lake Sonoma Prediction Contest winners.  Out of 150+ entries, only one person guessed Zach Miller would win, no one got the mens top three right, and four people guessed the women’s top three correctly.

Catholics and Protestants, Bruins and Trojans, Runners and Cyclists…and ultrarunners and triathletes.  Can’t forget runners vs drivers.

Is Chicago’s 5k/10k scene saturated with too many events?

The Boston Marathon attack was one year ago.  Scott Dunlap’s account was one of the best I read.

Speaking of cameras (and on a much lighter note), this looks like a great camera for trail running.

I need to have this guy on: Stop the negative self talk and you will run faster.

Here’s a video from the North Pole Marathon from last week.

And this week in science…rich kids have more overuse injuries.

When did ultra running turn into “the Color Run?”


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