Daily News, Tue Apr 2

Didya hear our new podcast with Sage Canaday?

Good stuff: Ian Torrence discusses ultra training volume.

Here’s a 352 mile race through the Yukon that only seven people finished since 2007.

London_1908_SteeplechaseIt’s true, I’m a bit obsessed with the steeplechase…It’s as close to trail running as you can get on a track. Here’s a good primer on the wacky event.

Ellie’s South African speed session.

Read this: Nice guys finish last.

Throw away your chair (seriously) and get on the trails.

Eleven running and health books you should read.

Hey, it’s a start. A stroller-friendly race calendar. Mainly midwest and mainly 5ks, but it’s something.

Read this, too: Wally Hayward, South African stud.


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