Daily News, Tue, Apr 22

Incredible day at Boston yesterday: Shalane showed guts, and though she blew up, she still held on to an AR. Meb’s final two miles were fueled by pure grit, and no one will still wear Skechers. And didya see the race for 2nd in the chair division? Wow!

But here’s the story of that random dude who was leading Boston for the first few miles yesterday. Yep, he’s an ultrarunner from Utah.

…and here’s how some notable runners fared yesterday. I’ll add ultra folk to the list:  Wardian (2:23), Gary Allen (2:58), Scott Dunlap (2:55), Ian Sharman (jogged a 2:39), Alex Varner (4th at Sonoma – 2:32), Uli Steidl (2:19), Magda Boulet (2:41), Matt Flaherty (2:21), Matt Laye (2:23) and I’m sure I’m missing plenty of others…

…and here’s where I come off sounding like a jerk, but come on, let the guy finish on his own!

Speaking of Utah, has anyone spent any time on these trails in Capitol Reef NP?

Outside Magazine covers the Liza Howard story.  Here’s our interview with her from last week.

I wish I could run a race like this. Take it easy and comfortable the first twenty miles, the let ‘er rip for the final eleven (point six.)

Dang, Dom is putting in some serious workouts. Ten weeks straight of 100+mpw.

My favorite outdoor writer Jon Krakauer writes about the recent Everest disaster.

Hmmm, things aren’t looking good for Tough Mudder.

Zach Bitter gets his test results back and totally nerds out on them (in a good way!)

A story from a local paper that doesn’t make an endurance runner look like a freak.

I can’t wait to try these new Adidas.  I’ve been running in the Boost since November and love that shoe.  And hey, Eron the Adidas shoe guy is an Ashland trail runner!

Apollo Ohno is entering an Ironman distance triathlon.

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