Daily News, Tue Apr 23

Test your running knowledge here.

Altitude training for everyone.

Mad City 100k (the, ahem, 100k US Road Championships) had just one female entrant last weekend.

What did Sarah Lavender Smith learn at Lake Sonoma? Great lessons within.

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”  We’ve got a big few weeks of track coming up! I can’t be the only track and field fan on here, can I?


…speaking of T&F, Mel Shappard was a total, unadulterated badass.

The outdoor industry has infiltrated Washington. Where ever you stand politically, it can’t help having an advocate in DC, even if REI still doesn’t sell fishing and hunting gear. Grrr.

OK, now WTH is this? Chainmail shoes called Paleos?

When there’s a marathon in Israel, it’s not as easy as just signing up and running.

An RD’s nightmare: If a tree falls in the forest, can you sue it?

More on my MAP discussion from yesterday in the comments. Is it a PED? I don’t think so.

Mother Nature tried to screw up Indiana’s first hundo, but the RD and the runners  refused to be stopped.

Some cops get busted in LA for cheating during a race.

Nice photo post of running the Grand Canyon.

I’ll definitely have to give this a listen: Footfeathers reflects on whether 100s are bad for you.

Transvulcnia La Palma preview from Ian Corless.

World’s best hikes and trails. I usually don’t like these lists, but this one seems pretty spot on.


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