Daily News, Tue, Apr 29

Want to read a Q&A with an accomplished ultrarunner doing some amazing work in truly horrific conditions?  Sarah (my co-host from the Liza Howard interview) caught up with Stephanie Case over here.

And here’s a good Q&A with Ian Sharman. And here’s my interview with Ian from 2012.

Need to escape from your desk for awhile? Check out this hyper-HD time-lapse video from New Zealand. Incredible!

Forbes takes on one of the marathon fraudsters in an interesting way.

In case ya missed it, this guy broke the most important record in running.

When your identity is running and you can’t run anymore…what happens?

Apparently, farting means that you’re healthy.

Good stuff: How and why to flex your hips.

So what’s Timmy been up to in Southern California? And hey, how’d I end up in his blog post? (Definitely check out his race. This’ll be my 3rd year running it and it’s worth the 5 hour drive.)

Five reasons why every runner should cross train.  Does that mean cross training like this? (Whoa!)

The importance of short hill repeats.

This week in science: Barefoot running is better for your body.

Speaking of low impact, check out the latest in treadmill technology. (And here’s another video…looks pretty cool.)

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