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Cool recap video of the Uphill Challenge at Outdoor Retailer. I got to drink beer and heckle the runners (that’s me in the yellow/white shirt) while they ran. And no, the Max v Sage “second” race is not sped up. That’s what a 4:30 mpm looks like on a treadmill.

Speaking of running videos, this technology is going to make them even more awesome.

Note to self: Next time I see a cougar, sing opera.

Wow! This guy took six days (and eighteen pounds!) off the supported Pacific Crest Trail record.

Meanwhile, this guy is running all 469 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

George Zack recaps Burro Days.

2" high by 8.25" long
2″ high by 8.25″ long

Got another run of Singletrack Mind stickers. If you’re interested in keeping the Daily News and podcasts flowing, please consider visiting the Donation Aid Station. Thanks so much.

The best running exercise that no one is doing, according to this guy.

Do you get depressed when you’re unable to run? Here’s the science.

Oh boy, the Angry Jogger is having a tough time with his running right now.  Language warning.

I didn’t realize there was such drama in The Dome.

I updated my Hoka Clifton review to reflect new information.  The shoes I used for the review were actually prototypes (unbeknownst to me) and many of the issues I had were remedied with the full production model.  (side note because a lot of people think it’s interesting: I publish maybe 1/4 of the products I review. The other 3/4 are internal reviews for the prod and design teams.)

You can’t get too much sleep. How much do you get? How much does it change when you’re in deep training.

Thanks for all the offers for reviewers. I got back to very few people yesterday but will be reaching out to more in coming weeks. Shoe-wise, I’m looking for reviewers with no formal relationship (ambassadors or otherwise) to shoe companies, and garment-wise, I’m looking for females with real-woman measurements. Thanks for all the offers!

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