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Overcrowding in trail races: Is this what our sport is coming to?

Leor is California’s version of Anton. Running fast, climbing mountains, finding new routes, speaking in a climbing language I don’t understand…Check out this route (and great pics) in the high, high Sierra.

…speaking of mountains, here’s a list (a list! Ah! What a great idea!) of the ten most beautiful mountains in the world.

Dax Ross is heading out on the John Muir Trail for 200+ miles and is anxious/freaking out.

Alright, so what exactly is an ultramarathon?

Ian’s quick Leadville report.  Question: Have any Grandslammers ever won any of the events before?

Here, just take my wallet! I want THAT.  Or THIS.

This was a few days ago. Apparently it's worse now. Photo Austin Violette.
This was a few days ago. Apparently it’s worse now. Photo Austin Violette.

The Western States trail is on fire. Sections of it–between Deadwood, Devils Thumb and up to Last Chance–are currently under attack by both flames and firefighters alike. More details here.  Stay safe everyone.

The effects of various types of birth control on runners.  She forgot to mention a vasectomy, which lemme tell you, will completely take you out of training for a couple of weeks.

How a bad DNF can motivate you to better times.

Here’s a good piece on Emelie Forsberg.


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