Daily News, Tue, Aug 26

Not sure where Eric is on his vacation, but certainly hope it is in Oregon, California, Colorado or Michigan based on this list ranking states by the beer.

Love endurance sports so much you want to get a job in the field? Find links to cool gigs here. Writing, timing, sales, oh my!

Traci Falbo’s 48 hour WR race report.

Are you a Runner of the Wild? This company blog has a great story with some cool old pics from Western States and American River 50.

Eight ways to fake being outdoorsy.

Algae tabs that eliminate hunger and fatigue? Claims to boost athlete performance and endurance. Turns out the protein in algae immediately converts to glucose.

Or you can just eat crickets. Protein anyone?

Anyone up for some trail running in Ontario, looks cool.

New podcast with Jay Friedman, MD who has owned a running store, is an ER physician who works aid stations, owns part of an awesome brewery, and has got a million stories to share.

Start getting excited for UTMB this weekend with previews for men and women.

Mo Farah breaks the record for the 2-mile in 8:07 and folks were saying he is past his prime. Rough crowd, he showed them!

Plantar fasciitis is nasty. New research suggests you do high load strength training.

Is trying to live on an iceburg for a year (or until it melts) an endurance event? This guySome pics of the Tahoe 200 course, looks awesome.

I am telling you, drink in the morning before your run, your pace will thank you!

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