Daily News, Tue, Aug 27

“Runner’s Face” and why women are freaking out about running too much.

Interview with Kilian re his Matterhorn summit record.  And wow, here’s a video of his feat.

This race report on the Great Cranberry Island 50k bums me out. It sounds like such a cool event (hello, lobster rolls at the finish!), but this year was its last.

Preview of the women’s field at UTMB.





New study shows that ice baths don’t help runners.

Check out our discussion on drones at races right here.

Keen launches a “build your own shoe” option.  How cool if other companies start in on this!

The Angry Jogger just signed up for his first 50k and it’s in 11 days.  He’s pumped and ready to go.

Hey Minnesota runners: Beware.

Can you really go from chronically injured to healthy and pain free?

Quick review of In the High Country.

So a few years ago the Sunday Times reported that Lance was doping. Lance sued for defamation and got a bunch of money. Now the Sunday Time has sued Lance demanding the money back and they just won. Crazy.

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