Daily News, Tue, Aug 5

Didya check out my new podcast with Billy Yang. Aside from making some killer trail vids, Billy just completed his first hundred and it went just about as planned.  Take notes, folks.

…and just like Billy learned, a steady game plan will often win the game.

Wanna run long? Forget about running.

Zoinks! Angeles Crest 100 sold out in 16 minutes yesterday! Did you get in?

Why ultrarunning and drinking beer are the same thing.

Awesome new video with Joe Grant and Seb Chagnieau.

Do you taper for endurance events? How long? I’ve had mixed results.

Why he’s running a hundred miles for a friend he never met.

Alright Mike and Ian, this seems like an easy record to break.

Six Days in the Dome update: Zach BItter was on WR until mile 70 or so until his stomach turned south and he had to stop 15-20 times. Still finished in 12:08! The site is having technical issues, so we’re depending on twitter and FB posts for updates.

Is there an ethical issue in using the Alter-G treadmill? This bloggin runner mama wrestles with the idea. What do you think?

The dreaded DNF. I’ve had two now (here’s my first) and didn’t freak out about either.

Some trail porn from around the globe, brought to you by the guys at trailandultrarunning.com.

Not sure where this video is from (Scandinavians help me out!), but it looks like a beautiful course with fun people.

Great piece by Ellie about reassessing your performance midyear.

OK, it’s MTB, but check out these killer trails in the San Juans.

I’ll be on the road for three days starting tomorrow and the Daily News will be compiled by three guest editors from around the country.  

I’m anxious to check out the new gear at the Outdoor Retailer show and share what I see.  

I interviewed Jenn Shelton last night and will post that interview on Thursday. Stay tuned.


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