Daily News, Tue, Dec 10

Skyrunning series announced for US with Ian Sharman at the helm. Seems like a good match up.  Cutting California completely out of the events seems a bit short sighted though, eh?

Winter injury-proof your running.

Speaking of winter, here are some benefits of snowshoe running.

Here’s my Idiot’s Guide to the sport.

Have you checked out bibrave yet? It’s a race-review site that looks like it needs help filling in information. I’ll post a few reviews today.

Anton has blisters on his eardrums (what?), is enjoying running again, and setting his schedule for 2014.

Why “I don’t have time” is a big fat lie.

Did you know Ron Burgundy is a runner?

And speaking of movies, the Rocky 50k happened in Philly this past weekend.

2014 shoe lineup. Big soles are everywhere, but the light and fast models are still staying strong.

Matt Flaherty DNFed this weekend and is not taking some much-deserved time off.

The Miwok lottery closes today at 5PM. But hey, please don’t enter.


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