Daily News, Tue, Dec 16

Great post about the effect of PEDs in our sport.

The importance of yoga in the ultrarunners’ toolbox.

Wondering how many electrolytes are in your holiday meals? Check it out.

Billy Yang is releasing his North Face 50 miler movie tonight. Here’s the trailer. If you saw his Lake Sonoma movie or Western Time, you know he produces awesome stuff, and this race gave him plenty of material to work with.

After the show, he’s asked me to co-host with him as we video chat with Sage, Dylan Bowman, Timothy Olson, Tim Tollefson, and Alex Varner and take questions from viewers.  Video goes live on YouTube at 6pm PST (link coming soon). Video chat starts at  7pm PST here.

Before tuning into Billy’s video, be sure to read Timothy’s report from the race and his mindset going into it. Very raw writing from one of our best.

I’m pretty sure that Anton is a rock climber now.

Kara Goucher sounds off on the (in)equality of women in professional running.

Interesting commentary on the difference between European and American training, then and now.

Effective and not so effective habits of early morning runners.

Professional analysis of the Beer Mile. “There is the perception that elite runners are machines whose bodies are temples, but we have our vices…And mine is drinking beer.”

Hey, if you’re looking for a quick stocking stuffer, check out the stickers available on the Donation Aid Station page. You’ll get a cool sticker and the money goes to lavish lunches at the URP Global Headquarters keeping URP alive. Thanks so much.

…and if you’re one of the people who has donated over the past one month (in any amount), I’ll be choosing a few names at random and sending out Christmas goodies left over in the URP gear vault. Jackets, shoes, socks…Stay tuned.

Awesome: Post race party without the race.

Check out this Swedish guy power through the final two laps of his debut 24 hour run (157 miles!) Here’s a post-run interview with him (in English.)  Wow!

I can relate. Having finished no ultras in 2014, I’ve got a packed schedule for next year.

Stephanie Howe’s seven training tips.

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