Daily News, Tue, Dec 2

USATF MUT Council announces ROTY.

People who think they’re taking EPO run faster.

Alright, is this bear chases MTBer video real? Looks a  bit sketchy.

Did you hear the latest TNF preview show with Vargo, DBo, and Dakota?

…now it’s time for the ladies. New podcast dropping today with three top contenders for the podium (and the cash!) at this weekend’s NorthFace 50 miler.

But much more importantly, mens preview for the Beer Mile World Championships is right here.

Why eggs are one of the best foods for runners.

Five tips to get you snowshoe running and racing this year. This guy got me interested in it, and I can’t wait to hit the trails again this winter.

Good way to earn bad karma: Steal food from the finish line.

…that’s karma you’re going to need when lottery season starts this weekend. I like how Scott puts it: Which race will choose you.

The Jester is looking at breaking the most 100s in a year this month. Here’s my interview with him.

My fastpacking reviewer Lucas has a critical and discerning eye when it comes to gear, and he loved the new Zygos from UltrAspire. Read the full review here, but you’ll have to wait until March to get the pack.

I’m going to have to step up my game with reviews: This guy hits, throws, and shoots at the products he’s testing.

New course preview video for Yakima Skyline 25/50k.  I see these videos as a harbinger of things to come for a lot of races.  Keep em coming!

Last week, I reported on an upcoming race in Ghana with some strange prizes.  The results indicate either an unbelievable hotbed of talent, or an indication that they need to update their translating machine thingamabob.

Interesting psychological approach to racing and dealing with adversity on the trails.

Thought provoking post on exercise-associated hyponatremia. 

Max’s 100k AR race report.

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