Daily News, Tue, Dec 23

Here’s your list for ultra success from a completely unlikely source: Twenty things mentally strong people don’t do.

Ian proposes team scoring using geography rather than corporate teams. What do you think?

Speaking of teams, it sounds as if Salomon is scooping up all of the top athletes from at least one of the recently disbanded teams. It’ll all be announced in about a week.

Numbers-based list of our healthier cities.

Brian shows us a DIY gear-drying rack. Awesome!

With the increase in races (both road and trail), municipalities are getting more restrictive on permitting events.

Why bulletproof coffee (and most other diet trends) are based on fraud.

New bike contraption attempts to replicate the running motion on a bike.

The fastest shoe-tying Canadian female I’ve ever seen!

From the looks of the intrawebz, it seems Kilian is attempting an Aconcagua FKT today–with Emile Forsberg attempting one of her own. Following his progress on the Twittah machine.

Interesting Q&As with some of track and field’s best about work, rest, and play.

Did you see my latest jacket comparison? I review casual running jackets from the major manufacturers and find something I really like in each.

We don’t have this issue yet, but it’s certainly an interesting discussion to have: Is gear a performance-enhancing drug?

Devon’s had a tough year of racing, but she’s optimistic about 2015. We’re in the same boat. Here’s our interview with her from a few years back.

Very compelling (translated) interview with Russian runner about the prevalence of doping.

Mr Trail Safety’s upcoming trail movie. Hilarious.

Great article about Leadville. I learned a lot about the race!

Did you see the Lake Sonoma 50 lottery results? Let’s see if the field will be as deep as this year’s.

2015 looks like it’ll be a busy year for USATF MUT running. 

So Jeptoo’s “B” sample is positive. Now what?


Site News: No more Daily News for the rest of the week, but stay tuned for a special Year End Wrap-up podcast I did with Sarah Lavender Smith and Tropical John Medinger.  Have a very Merry Christmas and be safe.

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