Daily News, Tue, Dec 3

Read this: This is why you’re still injured.

Some handsome fella is on the cover of Outside Magazine.1471178_10202585938314016_1968256510_n

TNFEC preview for the ladies.

…and here’s a self-shot course preview by Ryan Sandes.

…and here’s a thorough and professional video preview of the entire course by the good guys at ultrasportslive.tv.

Another reason Nick Symonds is my favorite track and field runner: He accepts the fact that we’re most interested in his beer mile videos than Olympic qualifying videos, and is aiming to capture the WR.

Awesome: A beer advent calendar, courtesy of Jon Teisher.

URP gets a little mention in a rundown of podcasts.

Original barefoot runner: Q&A with Zola Budd.

This guy carried the ring with him during the entire 153 mile Spartathlon, then popped the question at the finish.  Talk about emotional overload.

So Lagunitas will sponsor a triathlon team, but not a running team?  Runners drink more beer, right?

Western States lottery statistics. And a list of those already accepted.

In order to increase your odds, this Friday is Wear Your Buckle to Work Day. Science shows that it’ll help your chances.

The importance of group runs. As someone who runs alone (kids don’t count) 99% of the time, I yearn for these types of runs.

What happens when a Canadian flatlaner signs up for her first mountain race?

The WSJ dives into ultras.  And GQ reviews Desert Runner with this: Watching someone experience an ultramarathon is emotionally exhausting.

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