Daily News, Tue, Dec 30

What are your 2015 trail running resolutions?

Speaking of resolutions, The Angry Jogger has had a rough few weeks but is swearing (literally and figuratively, of course) to improve in the next year.

Running the Vertical K in the Swiss Alps, times two…at age eighty.

Kawauchi (easily one of the most exciting marathoners to watch this year) has big plans for 2015. Please oh please let that include a fast road ultra.

Runners World has some exciting new news about our sport.

The Science of Sport guys wrap up the year. Great stuff.

Oiselle supports emerging athletes like no other brand start up I know of.  Which MUT-related companies could and should use their model?

I assume it’s just a matter of time before something like this happens in our sport. Ugh.

…it seems a lot of bad attitudes are already out there.

Short news day. Off to the Sierras for some snowshoeing.

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