Daily News, Tue, Dec 9

I can’t believe this would stand up in court, but regulations like this need to be stopped immediately. Ridiculous.

TNF50 fashion awards.

Here’s the trailer to Billy Yang’s TNF movie. Can’t wait to see the entire thing.

Running store consolidation and what it means to you.

Incomplete list: Ten best beer cities. Nothing in Northern California? Are you kidding me?

Oi! The Australian ROTY Awards.

Tim Tollefson’s report from his first 50.

My musings, questions, and proposal for team scoring in big ultras. What do you think?

Michele ran her first ultra on Saturday. Here are the lessons she learned.

No, thanks. I like to keep my running and my politics separate. (link fixed)

Here’s Rob Krar’s Strava data from TNF. I count about half a dozen sub-6-minute miles. (link fixed)

Interesting: The immersion of ultralight mountaineering and how climbing, skiing, and running are improving at a rapid rate. (link fixed)

Being an endurance runner with Type 1 Diabetes presents a whole new set of issues, but this guy doesn’t let it bother him too much.

Little chat with 3rd place Alex Varner immediately after the race.

The Jester broke the record: Thirty seven 100 milers in on year.

Andrew Skurka gives a very detailed analysis of his race.

Ian writes about lessons he’s learned while returning from injury.

Want to set a running-related world record in 2015? Start here.

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