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Holy cow: Ouray 100 on Aug 1 has 80k’ of cumulative vert.

Are you a Type A runner or a Beer Runner?

Better late than never–and pretty awesome at that: The Montana Trail Crew’s year in review.  

You thought aid stations were crazy now? Give a bunch of ultrarunners the munchies and see what happens.  

The LetsRun Debate Team addresses the “Pot in Ultrarunning” discussion in this thread, which

includes my favorite LetsRun comment of all time:

I’m a hobby jogger for all intensive porpoises but I like to smoke hella weed and hit the trails too.

Intensive porpoise?
Intensive porpoise?


Speaking of confusion, this may be a better option: It’s some sort of trail running video game produced in Canada (not available on mobile devices…only on desktop Chrome) with seemingly no point.  Anyone help?

Alright, someone must know this guy.

Maggie qualified to represent the US in the 24hr race in Italy. Awesome! Problem is, she needs financial support for the trip. Help her out here.

HOKA has had the maximalist market all to itself for awhile, but will invariable take a hit when other big manufacturers enter the space. However, signing on and sponsoring development programs like this will always keep HOKA at the big kids table.

They’ve got to get Jeptoo to talk. Give her immunity and have her expose the architects of the doping world.

More on Tarawera.

The Yukon Arctic Ultra is going on right now in Canada. Shortest distance is 100 miles all the way up to, ya know, 430 miles. Track em live here.  Really check out that live tracking site. Why can’t big MUT races provide such great info and data?

Didya see the latest Five Questions? Midwest run coach Meghan sounds off on training, the appropriateness of wearing the shirt on race day, and vodka.

How much do you care about medals?

Can this 81yo woman beat you in the half marathon?

An ultrarunner takes on the 800 and mile. Ouch.

Emelie Forsberg does quite well in international Skimo competitions as well.

This does a pretty good job for roadrunners, but misses a few key types of MUT folks.

NUC: I’m sorry, what was your excuse?

Meet Ashley Erba, who sounds like she might help push the pace at Sonoma this year.

And meet Bill Dooper, ultrarunning super fan. I met Bill at Western this year. What a cool guy!

Cyclists help me out: (how) did the rule change last year affect this performance? Totally different type of bike?

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