Daily News, Tue Feb 17

Wow! Luke takes us on a 34 mile loop of the majestic Mt Saint Helens. Great pics!

Which trail running apps do you use?

Hoka article in the NYT with this truth: “There is no shoe savior coming for us.”

IMG_3247New stickers–and new online store–available right over here. Thanks so much for helping support the site. I truly appreciate it and get a kick out of seeing stickers at races!

Ten tips for downhill running. One and two seem to be the opposite of most of the advice we’ve heard.

Ford Smith, Dave Mackey, Caroline Boller, and Gina Lucrezi all punched their tickets to Western  at Black Canyon 100k this weekend. Yep, Ford’s the 18yo kid I interviewed last year and the year before. Full results here. Fun video of the race right this way and an interview with the winner right here.

I haven’t seen an actual movie in a theatre in ten years, but I’ll go see this.

Great race report and pics from Joe Grant’s time at the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica.

I tend to back away from the “addiction” term with regards to exercising/running.  If we were to follow the methods of this diagnosis and paper, we’d all be junkies.

Can you run with a hangover? I know a few guys who do it really well.

Sarah’s comprehensive post about Tarawera.  That really looks like a world class event.

Ms Shelton writes about cutting switchbacks in a fun post for TrailRunner Mag.

Whoa: Wireless earbuds that measure heart rate. I may have to get some of these and try them out.

Awesome crawl-to-the-finish ending to the Austin Marathon. Fantastic performance, but I’ve got to question the RDs decision to adjust the prize money/results.  How do you feel about it?

Very interesting and thorough piece on Lance’s attempt to get back to legitimacy.

Want to race on killer trails in Norway and have Kilian and Emelie bake cinnamon pastries for you? Registration opens today.

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