Daily News, Tue Feb 18

Funny: Ten awful stock photos of women running. Just airbrush some dirt on them and they’d be trail runners! No one would know!

Check out our review of the Montrail Fluid Flex 2. Really wide toe box, super light and cushy, all for less than $100.

Sorry we missed Doc Horton’s Holiday Lake 50k this weekend. Sounds like a wicked fast time

Yeah, that's a wooden splint.
Yeah, that’s a wooden splint.

on a cold and snowy course, only made more interesting by a runner breaking her tib/fib and getting it splinted with sticks and tape by a fellow running physician. Awesome!

Mr. Roes is slowly getting back on the trails. Can’t wait to see him fully recovered.

If you didn’t get into Miwok but want a tough 50k through the canyons on the Western States course, check out this race.

Hong Kong Marathon changes its route due to pollution concerns.

We’re adding a new weekly section where we give 5 questions to a random runner. First up, Roger’s first 100k.

And here’s five questions with Sage Canaday (not ours.)

Extreme Moderation: Duncan Callahan discusses the effects of what he thought was a safe diet.

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