Daily News, Tue, Feb 19

Awesome interview with Pablo Vigil. Not familiar with him? He has “4 consecutive wins at Sierre-Zinal from 1979-1982….won the Cleveland marathon 3 times, competed an equal number of times in the Olympic marathon trials and been a member of the US World Cross Country and World Mountain Running teams…trained for 5 years with Frank Shorter, went bar hopping with Pre and hung out with Allen Ginsberg.”

From Runningtimes’ Instagram feed.

Are there steroids in ultras? Yes. Do we still allow juiced runners to compete on the world stage?  Of course!

Riveting tale from Jen Benna on the many perils of life on the trails.

Alright, now I’m really excited to see this movie with Anton.

This Garmin Fenix sounds pretty sweet. Anyone have one?

Want to really geek out on the Way Too Cool entrants list? Real Endurance is incredible.

Does this headline seem a bit…insensitive?

Great read: Building a team to crew an ultramarathon. I’d follow that up with footfeathers’ How to be an Ultra Pacer, parts 1-3.

And another great video! Some serious trail porn from Simon Mtuy and Krissy Moehl as they run around the base of Mt. Kilamanjaro.

This is what a 6500 calorie/day diet looks like. h/t to Jack C.

Amby breaks down what weight loss methods work. Interesting.

An Inside Look at Ultramarathon Running” article with bad information and even worse formatting.  Looks like the article’s been pulled.

I like protecting the environment as much as anyone, but this whole “cup-free” thing seems a bit…silly. How much energy went into producing these new plastic cups? How will they degrade? And come on, these new cups are going to be scattered all over the trail as well. Seems like we’re trading one poor practice for another while patting ourselves on our backs. Am I nuts?

Men wanted for hazardous journey.



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