Daily News, Tue, Feb 24

Ford Smith is just 18, but tackles a big subject: Defining “ultrarunner.”

…and another take on the word “ultra.”

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Guy shared this link in the comments section yesterday, and I need to pass it along. If Doc Horton says it’s the worst wound he’s seen, you know it’s pretty gnarly. Not for the squeamish.

Who cares how you run if you proposed the night before, right?

Anton has a solid week of training, including “climbing about as well as I ever have, actually.” Awesome! ย Then some guy calls him out in the comments section about his injuries.

A sure way to start a riot amongst a bunch of runner: Tell them what the “perfect runners diet” is.

…or you could just follow these five easy tips.

The commonality of our experiences, whether in flow or struggle is found in the brief moments where we are completely present. There is an undeniable reality and rawness to feeling the moment, something we all share, but have difficulty conveying to one another.”

A rugged single track race around Mt Saint Helens sounds awesome, but $120 for a 50k (with no shirt) isย pushing it.

Scott Dunlap takes us along for a beautiful run/hike on the Na Pali coast in Hawaii, ending with a natural pool full of naked people.

My wife said no to the altitude tent, so I’ve got to believe she’ll freak out if I try to put a CVAC pod in the bedroom. ย What do you think of the technology and claims?


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