Daily News, Tue, Feb 25

 Eight great tips for racing ultras.

Max King’s obstacle course (and drinkin’ with an Aussie) report.

So didya see the new Recipe tab? Great ideas and meals from past guests and daily readers.  I’ll be updating it as they come in (two lined up right now), so check back regularly.

Yet another awesome trailer I could use for exploring the trails. At $16k though, first thing I’d be exploring is divorce.

NUC: When great literature and technology are brought together.  Good move on their part, but it still doesn’t address the underlying issue.

Is Kinesio Tape a total sham? And on a similar note…why can’t I think of something like that to invent and sell???

UROC this year will be at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado. Anyone familiar with it?

TheNorthFace Transgrancanaria race preview from Ian. (Link works)

USATF statement regarding the Grunewald decision.  And here are the responses from other athletes.

How to train for mountain running.

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