Daily News, Tue, Feb 3

Cory ran a hundred miler each month for a year. Here’s the story, complete with dozens of 80s references.  It’s probably time we have him on the show!

A power meter for running? Probably not great on the trails, but data geeks will have a ball with this.

Amy’s race report from HURT.

And Liza’s report from Rocky Raccoon.

The most disgusting beer ingredients. Beard yeast? Elephant crap? Bull balls? And I thought overly-hopped beers were silly.

Is she as tough as the fellas? Should she be allowed to compete? I’m just posting it, I’ll let you discuss.

Pam Smith’s report from a half marathon.

If we run too hard are we going to die? Science?

When I shared the site a few weeks ago, you all clicked on it a few thousand times.  Here’s a comprehensive review of the crocheted running shorts.

Interesting chat with climber Tommy Caldwell.

A doctor/runner uses the MAF method and reports back with results.

Ten entertaining ways to eat it while trail running. Check, yep, check, check, yep…(And here’s my unpaid ad/review for the new Salomon XT Wing gloves that have padded palms. They’ve saved me multiple times already.)

Race day tactics from Ian Torrence. Good stuff.

Cross country: The greatest show on turf.  Hell yes!

Glad I bought an annual pass...Yosemite just got more expensive.

So it’s a 50k with a course that changes each year, it’s run by fun people who love pirates, it’s for a good cause, and it’s in the Cayman Islands? Yes, please.

Expert advice: Spaff on winter traction options.

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