Daily News Tue, Feb 5

Twenty-five things that only track and field runners can understand…though most of them are applicable to us too.

Great post by Emelie Forsberg on injuries and body image.

How ultramarathoners are different.

Dogs as running partners.

The Kenyan experience: A journey to the Rift Valley.

New study shows that a polarized training approach leads to greater fitness gains.

OK, these sparkstøtters look like a lot of fun. They also look dangerous after a coupla pints. “Hey, come here! Let’s go down that hill together!”
Any of our Scandinavian readers want to chime in? Have you used one?

Why we love to run: The Guardian explains.

Rogelio Quintanar. TNF50 Atlanta.
Rogelio Quintanar. TNF50 Atlanta.

A headline we can all relate to: Krys Lost Five Toenails in Race.  Speaking of which, we’ve had some lovely new entries over here.

A great race report from Scott Dunlap from the inaugural Fort Ord 50k.  Two questions I always ask: How does he get such great pictures, and how the heck does he remember so much detail about the race? My memory generally go like this: “I ran with some guy for awhile past that one aid station, then I saw a female and she had on a pink hat, then I felt bad before I felt good again, then I saw that other guy I always see at races.”

Kilian Jornet: Why he is just like us…only way stronger.

Here’s a pdf of a 1977 Marathon Maniacs artice on Al Arnold…the first guy who thought it’d be a good idea to run across Death Valley in the summer.

Great piece by Ian Torrence on taking control of your race.

I’m happy that Ian (the other Ian, Ian Sharman) picked this up again: Detailed descriptions of international road marathons.

Something about a 9 year old running a marathon in Antarctica doesn’t seem right.



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