Daily News, Tue, Jan 13

Bookmark it, save it, get it printed on yer arm: How to take control of your running health.

…lest you end up like this: Being in injured and not training.

Didya hear the new podcast with Ken Michal? Ken chases cutoffs, inadvertently eats bees, and describes how the very front of the race and very back of the race have a lot more in common that it appears. Definitely give it a listen.

Check out Nickademus’ race calendar for the year. Wow! Hear our interviews with him here and here.

Great, now runners are targets of terrorism.

Strava and the death of solitude. Do you agree?

The internet trolls descend upon the El Capitan climbers and deem their attempt stupid and dumb.

Brilliant beards on runners.

What it’s like getting back to training, post partum.

When you’re falling apart at the end of a race, pull out your smartphone and navigate to this post by Joe Uhan, a PT who knows what he’s talking about. It’ll help.

Michelle’s list of reasons why I live in a state with nice weather.

Seven reasons why women should go on solo adventures.

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