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Can pot make you a better athlete? Huh? Tee hee. That’s hilarious. No, seriously. Wait, what?

Cool new movie with Anton. Also check out the video right below his…now that’s an awesome course map!

Junk science!

Pliny the Younger will be released soon. Here’s everything you need to know. I’ve had it and the beer is really good. The marketing? Superb.

The most popular craft beer from each state. Anchor Steam? Weird.

Broke outdoor hipsters?

Time for a fun Q&A with Pam Smith, brought to you by the fun folks at TrailWhippAss.

After an emergency C-section went wrong, docs told this Marine that she’s never run again. Being a Marine an a runner, she had to go prove them wrong.

Eye-opening: Want to know what 2k calories looks like?

Here is an awesome new format for a race. Might be short, might go on forever….you have no control over it!

I have a hard time believing this author actually tried the product. Here’s my review.

“They’re also hippy dippy people into communing with nature and not super competitive, so it attracts people who want to grow beards and live in the woods.”

–During this week’s LetsRun MENSA meeting, the group discusses “How come there are so few black runners in the ultra community.”

Speaking of us slow ultra runners, follow along with Sage on his quest for a sub 2:18 marathon.

Men and women race the same distances in track and in ultras, so why are the races different in cross country?

Speaking of gender issues, this article has some issues.  Men are best at 38? Says who?

Do you do group runs? Here’s Jean’s opinions (on a recent solo/group run), here’s Ed’s take on a recent run, and here’s Dax’s group kids run…awesome! What are yours like?

For those who take Strava seriously (I’ve backed off considerably), he has a great point.

Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein and Amy Sprotson took honors at HURT 100 this weekend, with recent guest Ken Michal finishing in 35 hours and change.  I’ll be chatting with Mike about his win tomorrow and can’t wait. His original interview with us is one of my favorites of all time.

If you’re looking for a new type of adventure, Sarah recommends checking out the Grand to Grand Ultra (and new shorter “Challenge”) this summer.

Here’s the RootsRated contest where they’re giving away a pair of Salomon’s to a URP reader.

New additions to WADA’s list of banned substances.

Didya catch the new podcast with Chris “Tarzan” Clemens? If you’ve ever wondered how and why a trail running dirtbag does what he does, listen up.

While Chris did the AT, this guy set the record for thru-hiking the PCT (Mexico-Canada) and has some great words of widsom.

Haha: Nope, I will never climb the Dawn Wall.

Hugo reviews two different poles to use with your GoPro while running. This is basically a tricked out selfie stick? Yep, this guy knows how to use one.

Speaking of GoPro, I’d be worried if I were them. I know nothing about those little cameras, but I know how Apple can move the market with one little announcement.

Very cool:  Before and after shots of people after a hard run. Reminds me of some of these shots of Barkley runners.

Megan’s long-awaited race report from World 100k Champs in Qatar.

Kilian writes about free climbing in modern times.

Speaking of Kilian, here’s a preview to the new Salomon trail video. Awesome.

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