Daily News, Tue, Jan 27

Trail Dude has some awesome advice on how to win HURT. Very funny.

NUC, but this piece on “athlete models” is relevant in our sport as we discuss who’s sponsored and who’s not–and the advent and use of social media and brand ambassadors. What do you think? h/t Yitka.hooper-burt-reynolds-1978-everett

Cory finds some more killer trails in Utah. But more beautiful than Burt Reynolds’ stache? I don’t know about that.

Interesting article about a high-altitude climber who combines cycling and MUT running to take on some intense challenges.

Can I still eat this if I’m not a female athlete? Looks delicious.

The joy of fellrunning.

Ever thought about screwing your shoes? Here’s how.

I’m sure it’s gorgeous, but a trail ultra through the restricted area of Pakistan India sounds a bit dicey. Luckily, URP friend Mark is running it and will (hopefully) report back.

All the puffy jackets you need for a cold day. TheNorthFace Thermoball is my choice.

Ten great National Parks (some people) have never heard of.  Number five is near us and it’s awesome.

I can see using something like this, but I’d rather it be me reminding me of things to do in a race.

URP listener Brad ran his first hundred this past weekend…on a treadmill in Iowa. That’s commitment! Nice job Brad.

A couple of solid trail tips from Nickademus Hollon and a more humorous take on winning HURT here. If you haven’t listened to Nick’s report from TdG, definitely check it out here.

Not to make light of the situation, but do the first four grafs all say the same thing?

Dean K on diet.

I’m sure some people will geek out on this and use it effectively, but nope, not for me.


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