Daily News, Tue, Jan 6

Good interview with Scott Jaime.

Yesterday I shared a story about a runner who had to get airlifted off the trails. Here’s her story in her own words.

Pretty sure this it’s on the list of questionable interrogation tactics: Pool running.

Good stuff: Jez Bragg on running and escapism.

Review of the Patagonia All Weather Zip Neck Hoody is here.

…and I review the (slightly) updated Icebug Acceleritas4 mud trail cleat right here.

Interesting. I get hiccups after a hard workout and after eating really spicy food. Now I kinda know why.

Five music-related questions with Anton.

Yes! Try something new. Read this.

In another big move, Ian Sharman joins Altra as one of their premier athletes.

Everyone needs this at some point: Beating burnout.

Cory’s report from his 72 hour run at Across the Years.

There’s another trail running film festival hitting Northern CA this year, and it looks pretty sweet. Dates over here.

I’m a big fan of rootsrated.com (one of URP’s sponsors), but never realized they had an app for finding trails. Duh.

Hate to be crass, but if you’re running in the dark on public roads with snowplows, wear reflective clothing and don’t wear headphones.

Looking for a race in September? The Rut Skyrunning race registration opens today.

WTF is this?

If I were in New York, I’d definitely go see this exhibit on aging track athletes.

Check out the inaugural Colorado 200 course through the eyes of a MTB rider.

Interesting: How the craft beer movement abandoned Sam Adams.

Sage’s latest VLOG about overcoming injuries and what his 2015 racing schedule will look like. And some shredding on the guitar.

And it looks like Ryan Sandes is targeting Western as his goal race for the year.

The three worst ways to lose weight.

Can envy make you a better runner?

Hmm, former MLB catcher Mike Piazza is a trail runner?

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