Daily News, Tue, July 1

Ah, Twitter’s a weird place, where Rob Krar’s beard, Flaherty’s stache, and Timmy’s hair all have their own accounts.

Collection of great shots from Luis Escobar at WS100.

List of the most expensive running races in the world. (For reference, 1€ = $1.37)

So two tweakers go hiking in San Diego and get lost for four days.  Hundreds of volunteers nick pspread out across the mountains looking for them, one of them falls down a 100′ cliff, and sustains some serious injuries. Now he’s suing one of the tweakers.  Ahhh, and his name is Nick Papagorgio…

Speaking of scheisters (this one’s an RD), if you’re going to file an injury claim against an insurance company, don’t run heavily publicized marathons at the same time. Snark Alert: Especially if you’re that slow.

Krar’s Strava data from WS100. Wow!

Interview with Anton after his Lavaredo Trail Ultra win.

The IAU makes some changes to the championship schedule.

Good race report from Luke Nelson, the winner of the Bighorn 100.

Slow news day. What did I miss?





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