Daily News, Tue, July 15

Short news day. Gotta prepare for two three big interviews today.

Is drafting a placebo?

Six questions with the British fella who will climb Britain’s ten highest peaks in 24 hours.  With a bunch of names I can’t pronounce.

One of my top five running heroes: Ed Whitlock.  Sub 3hr marathon in his 70s.

Good stuff: Fact checking altitude training tips.

Ever been on a trail run and found a busted up plane?

Kilian’s HR GPS log. Wow.

Must’ve missed the memo. Saucony is a cool brand again?

So LA is considering starting a new cancer foundation?

Refreshing interview with a 19yo who did really well at Western States.

Have you been following Jill’s race across Africa?

Meanwhile, the Sri Chimnoy runners are on week five of the race.

There goes the rest of your day: New edition of Ultra Tales is out. (big huge pdf…beware.)

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