Daily News, Tue, July 29

Nickademus’ ultrarunning zen: The here and now.

Time to geek out on some Western States stats.

Cool video from the Great New York Running Expedition urban ultra. Looks like a great time!

This is what I wish I were doing this week.

Stupidity world record?

I can’t tell if this is a real story or not.

Eighteen overrated beers. Is yours on it?

Quick interview with Stephanie Case. I’ve highlighted her great writing here, and this time the MadAthlete has a chat with her. (LINK FIXED)

Very cool: Zion/Bryce/Grand Canyon ultras RD Matt Gunn builds totally waste-free toilets.

Word on the street is that two spots opened up on Rickey and Jenn’s Hut Run Hut in a few weeks. If you heard the interview with Rickey, you probably want to get on this.

Better Business Bureau issues warning about themed races.

Well this sounds interesting:

I am a reality TV casting producer at Crybaby Media, based in NYC. We are currently casting for male amateur adrenaline junkies looking to go on the adventure of their lives! (Should be aged 30-50.) We are looking for someone who is burnt out on life (bills, s…itting in a cube, working for idiots) who wants to change their life and run. Literally RUN cross country and experience all that the simple life has to offer.
Since this person is literally running with no wallet in his pocket, he needs to have basic survival skills, ability to barter and converse with everyday Americans. He also needs to be athletic as he will need to have the endurance to run cross country. We are looking for someone who has a natural curiosity for the world around them and looking to explore everything and anything that comes their way.

Unlike most TV shows, we don’t want to find a guy who maybe wants to leave his life and run. We are looking for that person that truly, authentically is at a point in his life where this is a necessity. We are looking for a total transformation from episode one until the final episode both inside and and out.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Adam Johnson [email protected]

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