Daily News, Tue, July 9

Three smart ways to cross train.

The latest trends in running shoes.

No Ultra Content, but two lessons: Don’t mess with tiger cubs…but if you do, make sure you have your phone so you can text for help.

Yassine Diboun’s WS100 “road to the top ten” report. ┬áHere’s our interview with Yassine.

Get to know Tim Olson in this in-depth interview.

Wow, dozens of Turkish athletes busted in PED raid.

Anton ran 43k feet of vert last week. How’d you do?

Luxury beer vacations. Most of those places look like there must be trails around, right?

Here’s a new buckle idea for RDs.

Hardrock100 is this weekend. Here’s the scary runner’s manual.

Get to know Oz Pearlman. Magician, part-time fruitarian, ultramarathon runner, and if you’ve ever met him, quite a spaz.

Long form post for hardcore TdF fans: The history of time trialing in the Tour.


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