Daily News, Tue, June 10

Ellie’s thank yous, photos, and notes from Comrades. We’ll be chatting with her Thurs

359fimabout the race, her recovery last year, and whatever else comes up. Stay tuned!

Learn it. Know it. Live it.  Six workouts that make running fast easier.

Video from Old Dominion that shows the beauty of the course.

And a really awesome video/ad for Zegama from Salomon.

The Western States killing machine, by Olive Oil Joe Uhan.

The best outdoor beards in history. Come on, we could populate most of that list with ease, but is it true Krar’s beard is gone? Anyone?

Running with kids music. No escape!

NUC: “Beer can artist” is a pretty cool job.  Anyone tried the beers?

Seven things to know when being fit for running shoes.  I think he forgot #8: Don’t take the employee’s time to get the proper fit, then leave the store empty handed and buy them online.

Twenty runners you should be following on social media. MUT runners are very well represented.

including this guy (Anton), who’s back to normal training. Looks like he’s ready for Speedgoat!

Didya see our latest review of the Bia GPS watch? It’s designed for women, has a panic button, and links seamlessly with Strava.  Thanks to Clare for the thorough review.

Speaking of reviews, I just got my first pair of Hokas yesterday (the Cliftons.) I’ve been skeptical, so let’s see what happens.  Wish I had someone to break them in like this guy. (ha!)  First thoughts: They run a bit big and don’t feel any softer than my Adidas Boosts.

Get to know Matt Flaherty. I like this guy.

Some kid designs a gizmo that takes your running steps and transforms them into power to charge your e-devices. Cool!

OK, so getting chicked is when a gal beats you, what’s it called when you get schooled by a fifteen year old kid?

A nice day of running along the McKenzie River Trail in Oregon.

A DNF report (after leading the race) from Cayuga Trails 50.

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