Daily News, Tue, June 17

Read this: One of my favorite running writers writes about un-becoming a runner.

On-trail intervals for competitive trail runners.

So this is what it’s like to get chased by a black bear on a run.

Didya hear out new podcast with Karl Meltzer? He gives us his predictions for Western States, tells us about the field at Speedgoat, and let’s us know what it takes to win in Auburn.

Here’s a great video of Bryce 100 from this past weekend.

Death before DNF…When’s it OK to quit?

So there’s a big ol Beer Mile at Squaw next Thursday.

I’m looking for someone who’s DNFed their previous attempts at a hundred, and is running WS100 for redemption. Email me please.

Those big relays have never really appealed to me, but combine trails, music, and beer, and I think I’d fit in.

Why you’re more likely to get heat stroke in a shorter run than in a marathon.

This is what the trails look like in Washington state right now. Beautiful.

Vermont100 opens a “solo division” where competitors run sans pacer or crew. Cool!

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