Daily News, Tue, June 3

More on Ellie: Here’s the full video from Comrades. Watch from about 6:08-6:23 to watch her absolutely incredible finish. And here’s Ian’s take on the whole thing (watch him get passed by Ellie at 6:19:27). I think his fees just doubled.

Didya hear our brand spankin new podcast with Dakota Jones? Check it out here.

Looks like Anton is getting some consistent training in again. 

This writer didn’t like Deadspin’s piece on Nike last week. Fair criticisms, I say.

Here’s five energy gels. What’s your favorite? (Mine is whatever is there at the a/s, but if there’s a Roctane, I’d prefer that.)

The single track mind sticker from yesterday is available here. ¬†Thanks again to everyone who’s bought one.

Shortest news day ever. What did I miss?

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