Daily News, Tue, Mar 11

The lost art of running by feel (why he ditched his Garmin.)

Preparing for your first ultra, part 2.

Big marathons do this: Let the elite ladies start first, followed a few minutes later by the elite guys. If a female finishes first overall, she wins a special prize. How would that go over in the MUT world? Interesting?

DIdya see Mr and Mrs Koerner’s recipe for pink gnocchi? Pretty easy and sounds great!

Read about Kurt’s first ultra: A fifty miler in Florida. He ran his own race and came in 5th overall!

Uuuuugghhhh. This guy missed Olympic trials by less than one second.

Good read: A guy with an interesting past is attempting to revolutionize the endurance hydration industry.

Chuckanut 50k is also coming up this weekend, and the (unconfirmed) entrants list is pretty awesome. Laney, King, Bak, Ghelfi, and an awesome trio of ladies: Jodee Adams-Moore, Becka Kem, and Ellie Greenwood to lead the way. I also see a “Trisha Steidl” from Seattle. Uli’s wife?

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