Daily News, Tue, Mar 12

List of the five best running trails in the US. Nothing in California? Really?

Want to geek out on split times from Way Too Cool 50k? FYI, “ALT” is mile 21.

Rod Bien at WTC
Rod Bien at WTC

Awesome video of Emelie Forsberg flying downhill in New Zealand.

I’m going to read this over and over: Causes, Effects, and Prevention of Hip Realignment Issues in Runners.

Speaking of hips (ha!), what do hipsters ride in the snow? Snow fixies!

Dr Joe discusses the role of stride width in running injuries and economy. Interesting stuff.

The five most valuable lessons I learned from running up a mountain to see a glacier.

Roes and Ellie review two new Montrail shoes. We’ve got a pair of each and will publish our review this weekend.

Big giant thanks to LB, Alicia, Felipe and Nick for stopping by our donation aid station recently and helping us out! We truly appreciate it.

Five yoga poses for common running injuries.

I’ve never paid much attention to the Iditarod (the dog race, not that lunacy that the runners undertake) but I’m fascinated by it now. Here’s an update as the mushers close in on Nome.

Scary video: Why I’ll stick to trail running.

This guy is running across Israel, which has got to be a bit nerve-wracking.

Which surface is best to run on? Seems like an easy answer, but we’ll let some random experts

Portable toilet?
Portable toilet?

blather on.

OK, so what exactly is a “portable toilet” you can run with? Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji takes environmental protection to a whole new level.

This coach meticulously detailed every aspect of his clients workouts, but always left the “long run” just that. Go out, run long, and have fun.




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