Daily News, Tue, Mar 18

Great video of a beautiful and very technical race in RSA. Yikes…the runners have to cross a sinking bridge to get to the finish line!

Chasing the elusive 100 mile week. How many have you done? Here’s how Nick Clarke does it.

NUC: Remember this (graphic) video of the guy who slammed into the cliff while BASE jumping? Four months (and a whole bunch of surgeries later), he’s back climbing and jumping. Wow!

Speaking of climbing, what’s it like being a professional athlete (in this example, a climber?) All glitz and fun and big money? Nope. h/t to Marcos.

Are you able to “take it easy” if you’re running in a race, even if you know you have to? Neither can I.

Nine simple trail running tips.

Will P90X or CrossFit make you a better runner?

Here are some race bib collections. What do you do with yours? (Mine are in a shoebox in the closet with notes written on the back.)

Important stuff: Speed can matter in ultras, part two.

DBo’s thoughts and comments on Transgrancanaria.

Ellie’s Chuckanut race report. I hope she keeps up her own blog again. I’ve always enjoyed it.

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