Daily News, Tue, Mar 25

Wanna smile? Watch this Ultramarathon Dance Party video.

How likely are you to finish Barkley? Take this quiz.

Looking for a hydration pack with flip-down smart phone access? Check out our review of the Osprey Rev 1.5.

Sponsored Runners, part two: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, yes, and yes.

Max King’s Chuckanut (course record) race report.

Do you run with a handheld? Should you?

Downhill Training 101. I’m fine on the downhill, but add any technical element, and it’s over.

HS runners share the contents of their bags. I like this idea and will start a series of what MUT runners carry. Stay tuned.

hooters2You can track Ryan Sandes’ and Ryno Griesel’s attempt at the Drakensberg Grand Traverse FKT here.

Zola Budd confirms that she’ll be running Comrades this year for the Hooters Running Club.  No, not that Hooters.

There’s an interesting discussion going on about holding an indoor 24 run in Las Vegas and allowing wagering. Whaddya think?

Six cool apps for runners I’d never heard of.

This guy collapsed at the finish line of a marathon, was put into a medically induced coma for three days, and woke up. His first question…?

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