Daily News, Tue, Mar 3

It’s not too often I’m mentioned in the same article as Sage, Max, Stephanie, Rob, and Ian. Oh, it’s about beer? Makes sense.

Speaking of beer, I review a pale ale from my favorite brewery.  I didn’t like it.

Too busy to run? Too busy to do speedwork? Too busy to read? It’s your fault.

Science! Don’t bother going to the gym, just drink a glass of wine.

Rad video recap from Black Canyon 100k.

Reminder that there’s a new comment thingamajig on the left. You can now comment on individual links by hovering over these words and clicking the bubble. Anyone having issues?

Dan at Ultra168 throws bombs at most of the ultra world right over here.

And Jay Johnson publishes a helpful “stop doing this” list for runners. Check it out.

What lengths will runners to go to keep their streaks alive?

Beat is running/pulling/hiking/slogging the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Track him via Jill’s blog here that’ll have updates and pictures. I spoke with Beat after last year’s journey about all the logistics of such a crazy event.

NUC (no ultra content) whatsoever: Google zip-line street view of the Amazon rainforest.

Funny marathon report from Pam Smith with some interesting commentary on Maffetone training.

Important stuff: Which races have the best desserts?

New Trail Whippass with Ian Sharman.

Five degrees out, no shirt, and oven mitts. Yep, he’s one of us.

Mantras of a few top endurance athletes. What’s yours?  Mine is “you paid for this, dumbass.”

Sarah just added another Kiwi adventure to my bucket list. It looks family friendly too!

Yes, but how?: Women’s track and field record book needs to be expunged.

No news yesterday. Sorry. Lots going on at home.

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