Daily News, Tue, Mar 4

Great list: Top five beers in the world (and you’ve tried all of them.)

Important stuff: Don’t let downhills be your downfall.

The Alaskan Slam: All four hundreds in Alaska in one year. Or three eggs, scrambled, a side of moose meat, some toast, and a cup of coffee.

It’s four years old, but this article on Matt Carpenter inspires me each time I read it.

 “I’m realizing that I can’t continue being horribly out of shape (average). It just isn’t who I am. My burn out and lack of motivation to exercise does not outweigh my need to be fit and strong.  I hate who I am right now. I disgust me.  And so my retirement will end today.”

That’s Lucho talking.

Here’s my story of how I gained fourteen pounds last month.

Man suffers heart attack during heart awareness run.

Prepare to shake your head: Disney Half Marathon is $195, and you still have to pay $99 to get into the park. Don’t worry, it’s sold out.

I appreciate seeing a private RD trying to go zero waste on their very own.

Barefoot vs shod, Old school vs new school, and the good ol’ ultrarunning vs Ironman.

Speaking of strong beliefs, here’s a great article and video on how we sometimes screw ourselves by blindingly following our beliefs, rather than applying a lil’ scientific method to them.  Ah, just click on it and read it. Good stuff.

This whole story about a free half marathon confuses me.

So the answer is more national strife?


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