Daily News, Tue, March 10

The Apple Watch: What runners need to know.  Here’s more.

One of my favorite breweries in California is Lagunitas. Here’s a crazy story about how a massive joint almost closed the place down.

…and in other beer new….USA! USA! USA!

Eleven key tips for female thru hikers. I’m not a female, but this seems like a really great list.

Yep, someone wrote a scientific paper about the differences between cotton and synthetic running shirts.

That’s one thing I’ve always liked more about short-distance races over ultras: Actually racing opponents rather than just finishing. I find it helps my running far more than anything.

Six hundred and thirty miles with 115k feet of vert along the coast of England. Sounds like time for a new FKT.

LA Marathon is this weekend and the weather is going to be near 90 degrees. People are freaking the fark out and it’s hilarious.  The field is deep and includes Sage Canaday, Max King, Ryan Hall, and a handful of other elites.

John Burton gives a very honest review of the Hoka Challenger ATR.

Here’s a list of other max cushioned shoes, though I’d argue that some don’t belong on that list. What do you think?

Really cool cold: Jill’s report from the Iditarod dog race.

If you’re really into the LCHF, give this a listen. Zach Bitter is well versed in the science and has results.

Come on. Who steals a prosthetic leg? If karma is a real thing, there’s a lot of bad stuff coming their way.


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