Daily News, Tue March 5

As great as trail running is on the West Coast, I’m itching to get out to other parts of the country to race. This 50miler in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina looks just about perfect for me.

…but then again, this is the first event in this grove of redwoods that I know about and I’d love to get up there to run. Doesn’t hurt that it’s close to some great wineries and breweries.

…but then again, I’d love to go to the Philippines to watch this event. Starts at 10pm, women only, they try to beat the sunrise, and the aid station is packed with Korean noodles, congee, lechon, root crops, and bread.

Footfeathers on suffering for training. I’ve always called it conditioning. Yeah, you can be in great physical shape, but if you’re not prepared for the conditions, you’re screwed.

Why strides are important for runners of all levels, types, and distances.

If you’re running Tarawera Ultra next weekend (in NZ), better read this. Extreme fire danger requires major course/logistical/pacer changes.  On a side note, this is a big race, but the RD makes it seem very personal.

I haven’t been in a gym in a loooong time, but I gotta believe that cell-phone use on machines is pretty obnoxious and prevalent. This gym ain’t takin sh&t from no one.

Ian Torrence teaches us how to not bonk. Take notes.

The new edition of UltraTales, an ultrarunning UK-based e-zine is out and available here for download.

Ryan Sandes’ Transgrancanaria race report. Don’t miss all his GPS data here.

Is walking the key to faster ultras?

I know I talk about Japanese runners a lot, but at a half marathon this past weekend, 175 runners beat 67 minutes (that’s about 5:10mpm pace). Wow.

Oh my gawd, CPS would throw a fit about this stateside.  I often run with the kids in the morning when the temp is in the 30s and have never had an issue. Maybe the Scandinavian blood in me is helping out.

TEVA launches interesting campaign. They’re asking you to unfollow them, get the hell outside, and blaze your own trail. Can’t argue with that.

Running in the winter video with Anton.




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