Daily News, Tue, May 13

Beer Mile World Championship announced for this fall. I’m curious how they’re going to secure an official venue. Might have to make it down there to compete.

Jason Schlarb and Jeremy Wolf run around Patagonia and here’s the teaser video.

A few tips for running downhill. Nowhere does it say “grow some cajones”, which seems to be my problem. After a naaaasty downhill injury from a few years ago, I’m afraid of losing control on descents.

Interesting: The Placebo Effect: Why it’s actually great for athletes.

NUC: What ever happened to Caster Semenya?

From Joe Fejes: France’s Olivier Chaigne finished with 571 miles (920 km) at the Hungary 6 day which is the best 6 day performance in quite some time. Many National and World Records were set during the event. The bar has definitely been raised for the Sixdaysinthedome.com.

This ten year old girl ran an 18:02 5k, while this 104 year old ran a 100m in just over 30 seconds. Both equally impressive!

Will obstacle course racing (OCR) make it to the Olympics? If it’s considered before a proper XC race, my head will likely explode.

This is Craft Beer Week. Here are 12 ways to do beer better. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Some Vibram sanity.

I see this in road runners all the time, but rarely in trail folks. Why?

Short news day. What’d I miss?

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