Daily News, Tue, May 20

Read this: How would you respond if your trail burned down?

Didya hear my new podcast with Obstacle Course guy Matt B Davis? He answers all the questions Chloe and I had about who, what, how, and why.

The headline says “jogger”, but I think if you get mauled by a bear in Alaska, then walk a mile for help, we’ll give you the courtesy of calling you a badass runner.

Great stuff: Blown quads and how to avoid them.

Seven lies you believe about running ultras.

Are you coming off the couch?

Neat video that really shows that the Peak District Fells are like, through the eye of a drone.

Speaking of the UK, here are her ten best mountain ridges.

Are you a running dirtbag?

Would this entice you to run on a treadmill?

And an oldie but goodie: The logic of long distance running.

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