Daily News, Tue, May 6

Read this: An elite runner steps back and asks herself who she runs for.

Ian’s Transvulcania race preview. Emile, Anna, Jodee, Kilian, Dakota, Sage, Timothy…

Should we expect a wicked fast batch of trail chicks in the next five years?

Michele Yates is pregnant! (and still running)

Getting older doesn’t mean you stop competing: An interview with Scott Molina.

This week in science: Runners die of heart attacks because they feel the same as a hard workout.

“I gave it everything.”

Sir Roger Bannister, sixty years after he broke 4 minutes.

Interesting: Pepsi’s newfound interest in trail running.

From an ultrarunner: Marathon training is a big, fat lie.

Looking for a mascara that can last through an ultra? Yeah, me neither.

Hoka adds more runners to their roster, including a steeplechaser. Hoka spikes?

I agree with this guy that trails are seductive, but equally enjoyable to me are long stretches of flat pavement that allow me to test myself.

Didya read the new Five Questions? This time we meet Adam GIllanders…Though he’s been running a long time, he’s new to the ultra scene, has a crisp new philosophy degree from Berkeley, and loves his beer.

And here’s an interview with Sarah Outen, who’s attempting to circumnavigate the earth under her own power. Wow.

Pursue your dreams: This makes me want to drive 10 hours to San Diego and go skating with this guy.

Check out Anton’s fancy new website.

The fine line between race successes and failures.

Koozies and stickers are being mailed today. Sorry for the delay, and big huge thanks to everyone who’s donated.

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