Daily News, Tue, Nov 12

Looks like Leadville was listening.  Good on them.

Very interesting post on what makes great competitive runners. People, coaches, or training facilities?

The return of neon. Anyone remember Tri-Fit from the early 90’s?

Another great piece about overtraining by Joe Uhan.

OK people, what the hell?

I’ll admit it, I’d have no idea how to navigate my way out of a bathroom.  Andrew Skurka shows you what you need here.

Desert Runners will be on DirectTV at the end of this month. Will you watch it?

If you’re running in the Black Hills, you better be aware of this.

More killer advice (and worthy of another read) from Ian Torrence.

If anyone is pulling a tire for a workout, please shoot me a message. I’m writing a piece on it and would like to chat. Thanks.     [email protected]

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